Cane Corso - The Italian Mastiff


The Cane Corso is a large working dog native to Italy. The name Cane is Italian for "dog" & Corso is the Greek word, "Cohors", which means "guardian of the courtyard". The ancestors of these dogs, the "Roman Molossus", were known for their strength & agility, and were used in the arenas by the ancient Romans to fight against lions & other beasts.  They were also used in game hunting, herding cattle, guarding property & as guardians for the Roman soldiers.  After the ancient Roman era, the Cane Corso became a popular companion among Italian farmers and aided them as guard dogs, offering the animals protection against thieves and predators on the plantation, while also being efficient herders, able to drive their livestock to the market or slaughter house. Many Italians also used the mastiff as security for their families and estates. The growing demand for this majestic breed became so great throughout many regions of Italy that soon after WWII, the Cane Corso faced the danger of extinction.  In the mid 1970's, selective breeding began, and thus began the growth of a new generation of the Cane Corso.  

 In the late 1980's, the cane corso was introduced to the United States by a mastiff breeder, Dr. Mike Sottile.  The cane corso was then recognized as a great, loving family companion.  The cane corso are very playful, protective & yet very gentle with their owners, especially with children.  They enjoy being involved in family activities such as long walks, bike riding, swimming, jogging, or just playing in the park.  At home, they bark only to alert the owners of unusual situations, otherwise, they are generally quiet in nature.  The cane corso are very intelligent dogs and will always be suspicious of strangers and are able to judge character without exception.  They should be socialized starting at a young age since they do bond quickly to their family, and will get along with other pets. 

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